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The X-Men have featured in some of the most popular Marvel Comics for decades, but not everyone on Reddit is happy with their legacy.
The X-Men have been some of Marvel Comics’ most popular books since the late 1970s. With groundbreaking stories like The Dark Phoenix Saga, Days of Future Past, and Age of Apocalypse, as well as the new Krakoa era, the team of mutants has had multiple books every month for going on four decades now. However, not everyone loves everything about the X-Men.
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The X-Men have had many ups and downs, almost getting canceled in the late ’60s and then getting resurrected in the late ’70s. However, even its best runs have detractors, and Reddit is the perfect place for people to take their unpopular opinions, causing quite the spirited debate.
Gerry Duggan came to the X-Men in 2021 and did something many fans had been waiting on for a long time. He made the X-Men a superhero team, once again. While the political situation on Krakoa pushed the superheroes to the background, many fans missed the X-Men as heroes.
The problem is that there are more people disappointed by Duggan’s run, despite making them heroes again. Reddit user @Cap_DD disagrees, though, and wrote, “I feel like Dugan is getting an unfair rap.” Many of the responses indicated that the villains were all mostly lame and the entire storyline seems lip service, making his enjoyment of the series unpopular.
The Age of Apocalypse was one of the most groundbreaking and beloved X-Men storylines of all time. The entire story came out of nowhere, with the X-Men issues suddenly stopping when Legion went back in time and accidentally killed Professor X, completely changing history to a future X-Men alternate timeline where Apocalypse rules all.
However, @Cynry had the unpopular opinion that “The Age of Apocalypse was kind of lame” and “it felt like a slog to get through the whole thing.” With the long-lasting popularity, the movie based on the story, and the characters crossing over to the mainline, that opinion is one that few fans share.
One of the things that many fans complained about with the X-Men movies was that Wolverine overshadowed almost every other member of the team. This was true only because Wolverine was overwhelmingly the most popular member of The X-Men and that has been true in comics for decades now, given that Wolverine features in some of the best Marvel Comic issues of the 1990s.
But Reddit user @gambitwoo disagrees and wrote, “Wolverine isn’t all that. The character, that is.” They then doubled down by saying “Logan (The Movie) is way overrated.” Looking past the comment about the movie, which is one of the highest-rated of all X-Men films, Wolverine is in several comics and his presence almost always increases sales, so this Redditor is definitely in the minority.
The X-Men rebooted everything with Jonathan Hickman’s House of X and Powers of X, and thanks to Moria McTaggert seeing multiple versions of the future, she convinced Professor X and Magneto to set up a sovereign island of Krakoa for mutants to live in peace. Instead of constantly facing persecution, which had happened for over three decades, the X-Men felt fresh and new again.
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However, not everyone loves the new political intrigue that plays out in the X-Men world now. Reddit user @kinghyperion581 wrote, “I hate Hickman’s current Krakoa storyline. It’s making me hate the X-Men.” But the fact that there are multiple comics telling the story, and Marvel keeps adding more, means that they are selling great and more people love the stories than hate them.
If there is one thing that most old-school X-Men fans agree on, it is that Chris Claremont is the godfather of the mutant comic books. Claremont wrote some of the most groundbreaking and influential X-Men stories of all time in his period writing the books. After Claremont left, the X-Men books took a fall in the ’90s.
However, @mrsunrider wrote that “Claremont laid a lot of groundwork but got cornier as time went on, Grant was Morrison’s run was just as transformational in a much shorter period.” Grant Morrison has always been a polarizing writer, and while his X-Men work was great, few would consider him on Claremont’s level.
In the X-Men’s world, the one couple that seems to rise to the top is Scott Summers and Jean Grey. The Dark Phoenix Saga was devastating to most people and seeing it break Scott was heartbreaking. When he left Madelyne Pryor after Jean returned, many fans turned on him, but time healed old wounds and Scott and Jean’s marriage was a celebration.
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But not only does Redditor @HappyEndings2011 not like that pairing, he has an even more unpopular opinion, writing, “Emma and Scott are a better couple than Jean and Scott.” This not only flies in the face of Scott and Jean, but it also doubles down by trumping the relationship with Emma, something many fans never bought into.
For many years, fans hated Cyclops. He was the boy scout of the X-Men and that fact was made worse when the grungy, anarchistic Wolverine showed up. This even played out in the Fox movies, with Cyclops the boring character and Wolverine the wildcard. However, a lot changed since then.
Cyclops became more on edge when he realized Professor X’s dream wasn’t working, It was an amazing transformation. Redditor @steveconz was never sold, though, writing “Cyclops has always been, for the most part, a pretty garbage character.” This is harsh and ignores the character work that went into taking the hero from an optimist to one of the X-Men’s best team leaders, willing to do anything to protect his fellow mutants.
It has always seemed a little strange to see humanity hate the X-Men for being mutants while loving the Avengers and Fantastic Four. All the teams have heroes with powers, but people seemed to hate mutants and accept regular heroes.
Redditor @Tnw99404 wrote that “I don’t think the X-men work in the overall Marvel universe. I love X-Men and Marvel but I don’t think they work together.” This makes sense in the idea that people just seem to hate mutants, but it is an unpopular opinion because it is that relationship with the Avengers and others that shows the hypocrisy in the public’s open prejudice.
The Dark Phoenix Saga ranks up there with The Death of Gwen Stacy as landmark moments in Marvel Comics history. This showed that a major hero could die in battle, and at that time, there were no easy resurrections to bring the dead heroes back. While Jean came back, it diluted her death but didn’t affect the story’s place in history.
However, one Reddit user disagreed with this and wrote that “The Phoenix Saga is incredibly overrated and would not have the legendary status if it were not for the shock ending.” The entire story showed Jean corrupted by an outside force, driven over the edge by the Hellfire Club, and then sacrificing herself to save the X-Men. It is more than just the final moment, making this an unpopular opinion.
The one story that seemed to change everything about the X-Men’s world was “Days of Future Past.” This was the story that opened up the idea of time travel for the mutants and really introduced the world to alternate Earths, which has played a huge role in stories for the past four decades.
However, Redditor @-ObligatoryUsername- wrote that he isn’t a fan of most of Chris Claremont’s stories and he “finished Days of Future Past and thought it was alright.” Outside of the unpopular opinion that Claremont is not one of the X-Men’s best writers, “Days of Future Past” remains one of the comic line’s most beloved stories.
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