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Magneto and Professor X aren’t the only members of the X-Men with extraordinary powers.
When people think of the strongest male X-Men, the first characters that come to mind are Professor Xavier and Magneto. It’s a logical conclusion considering Professor Xavier is one of the most powerful psychics in the Marvel Universe and Magneto controls one of the most powerful forces in existence.
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Still, Magneto and Professor X aren’t the only members of the X-Men with extraordinary powers. There are plenty of members who have joined over the decades that have proven to be incredibly powerful in their own right. And while they aren’t all popular, that doesn’t mean they aren’t capable of taking down a team of super-powered individuals by themselves.
Bishop has the ability to absorb energy and redirect it with greater force than he received it. There’s no limit to what he can do with this power. He can even absorb energy from others in the middle of a battle. And if that wasn’t impressive enough, the more energy Bishop assimilates, the more it changes his powers. He becomes stronger, faster, and even gains the ability to heal himself through the energy he absorbs. He also develops a measure of invulnerability, making the more traditional ways of injuring him less likely.
Darwin wields the power of “perfect adaptation,” which means he’s capable of adjusting to any situation no matter how extreme. Whatever he’s dealing with at a given moment, his mutation will allow him to immediately adapt and ensure his survival.
Depending on the situation, Darwin can become more intelligent, adapt to survive in the vacuum of space, and turn into pure energy. The only limitation is his inability to control the powers he develops for a given situation, but they will make sure he survives regardless.
For a long time, Namor was thought of as Marvel’s first mutant, thanks to the wings he possesses on his feet that let him fly. He joined the X-Men during the Utopia era and stayed until the Schism era. Despite being an “Alpha-Level Mutant,” he’s still one of the strongest members of the X-Men – literally.
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Namor possesses an incredible amount of super-strength, having gone into battle against the Hulk and the Thing without much trouble. He’s also got a measure of super-speed and the ability to control water as he sees fit (if he’s close enough to it).
Nathan Summers was meant to be one of the most powerful telepaths that ever lived. Instead, much of his powers are used to keep the Techno-Organic Virus from taking over his entire body. Cable’s body has been restored a few times before, proving the hype in regard to his full power is warranted.
Cable can use his telepathy to do anything he wants, from possessing other people’s minds to controlling what they say and do. As a telekinetic, he has the ability to fly and create telekinetic blasts of energy.
Iceman was initially intended for comic relief. As the youngest member of the X-Men, his power only seemed to create snow and ice that he used to play pranks on his fellow X-Men. However, Xavier soon recognized Robert Drake for his omega-level powers.
Iceman is considered an Omega-Level mutant because of his ability to alter the temperature around him in seconds. He even froze the Hulk and kept him encased for a time. He’s also able to drop the temperature of a given area in seconds, draw on the moisture in the air to create weapons, and alter his organic state into ice.
Gabriel Summers (aka, Vulcan) is the third Summers’ brother and the most powerful of them all. Gabriel has the ability to absorb energy from anything in the electromagnetic spectrum. He can also absorb other sources of energy like magic. With that energy, Gabriel can do anything he wants, such as firing energy blasts and using his powers to help him fly. However, that’s just a fraction of what Vulcan can do. He’s also able to limit other people’s powers and create solid constructs with his own. He uses his power in villainous ways, such as attacking the X-Men and conquering the Shi’ar Empire, and although his energy can potentially run out, it only happens in rare cases.
Quentin Quire is an Omega-Level telepath introduced to Marvel Comics in the 2000s. The character was primarily known for being a contrarian, which made him all the more annoying when everyone learned he was absurdly powerful.
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Quentin is one of the most talented telepaths on the planet, with the power to cloak himself from other people, make people think whatever he wants them to, and fire off blasts of pure psychic force. Of course, an over-the-top character like Quentin doesn’t just use psychic force blasts. Instead, he creates items like psychic shotguns and rocket launchers to attack his opponents.
Professor Xavier was the most powerful psychic on Earth at one point. And while he’s not the undisputed #1 anymore, he’s still so powerful that Red Skull tried to hunt him down so he could gain those psychic powers for himself. Between his abilities and the experience he’s had mastering them, there are few psychics in Xavier’s league. He’s mastered the art of Astral Projection and beaten so-called masters of that realm; he can reach and teach people telepathically, and he can copy the knowledge of another person and give it to himself. The only thing he doesn’t have is high-level telekinetic powers, which is probably for the best.
Erik is one of the most powerful mutants to ever walk the planet. He’s described as the Master of Magnetism and has almost no limit to his power, having manipulated the entire magnetic field of the planet on multiple occasions.
The Ultimate version of Magneto used his power to cause massive devastation across the Earth. He’s also used his power to put asteroids into orbit, move mountains, and send an electromagnetic pulse across the entire planet. He’s even shown the ability to manipulate the iron within organic matter. Able to manipulate metal matter at a molecular level, Magneto is a force to be reckoned with.
David Haller (aka, Legion), is the son of Professor Xavier, described as an Omega-level mutant with multiple omega-level powers. He suffers from dissociative identity disorder and frequently creates new personalities to help him deal with his developing abilities. Over the years, he’s created thousands of new personalities with their own unique powers. He’s also able to alter reality and change time as he sees fit. However, with so many personalities to choose from, Marvel Comics hasn’t been able to introduce them all and probably never will, especially considering David makes more whenever it suits him.
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