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Dragon Ball GT still makes Saiyans its main priority, but it also introduces many other formidable fighters from across the galaxy.
It’s typically exciting when a popular anime series is able to expand its story through a series of sequels or spin-offs, which can also result in more polarizing projects like Dragon Ball GT. The anime successor to Dragon Ball GT takes a lot of big swings, some of which return the Dragon Ball series to its roots for both better and worse.
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Dragon Ball GT has progressively grown out of favor after the emergence of the canonical Dragon Ball Super, but there’s still a lot to appreciate from the series and its approach to Dragon Ball‘s heroes. Like most of the Dragon Ball series, GT tends to make its many powerful Saiyans its priority, but the anime introduces lots of other formidable figures from across the galaxy.
Dangerous machines and Androids are present through each of the contrasting Dragon Ball series, but Dragon Ball GT really embraces this form of threat during its introductory episodes before Baby enters the picture. Super Mega Cannon Sigma certainly has an intimidating name, but it’s still a lower threat in Goku’s opinion. Impressively, Super Mega Cannon Sigma is the combined fusion of three other Machine Mutants: Nezi, Ribet, and Bizu. This alone puts Super Mega Cannon Sigma above other Machine Mutants, but Goku is still able to dispose of him with a standard Kamehameha.
Goku, Pan, and Trunks get a crash course in the many different types of machines that can exist in the universe once they become targets of the insidious Luud cult. Luud is a gigantic machine with transformative properties, but there are even more powerful Machine Mutants that look after this false mechanical prophet. Mutchy conceals his true form by taking the shape of a whip, but in his humanoid shape he can be a real hassle. It’s Trunks in the end who overwhelms Mutchy with his Brave Cannon attack, but he still also brings out the Super Saiyan in Goku, too.
Dragon Ball GT barrels through many inconsequential threats during the initial recovery of the Black Star Dragon Balls across the galaxy. The majority of these aliens don’t give Goku and company pause, but Ledgic is the first real opponent that actually pushes Goku to try a little harder.
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Ledgic is Don Kee’s bodyguard and one of the strongest warriors on Planet Imecka. Ledgic isn’t that special in the greater scheme of Dragon Ball GT, but he pushes Goku to become a Super Saiyan, which is a significant milestone for the alien.
Machine Mutants are a very real danger in Dragon Ball GT, and a lot of these robotic opponents originate from the volatile planet, M-2. M-2 has plenty of safeguards to slow down Goku, Pan, and Trunks on their mission, but General Rilldo is one of the few forces that actually poses a true threat. Rilldo is Dr. Myuu’s general and has also experienced significant Machine Mutant upgrades. Rilldo is another early enemy that pushes Goku to transform into a Super Saiyan, and it takes a three-pronged Kamehameha from Goku, Pan, and Trunks to ensure his demise.
Piccolo enters Dragon Ball as a villain, but he slowly grows into one of the series’ most honorable heroes, and he continues to grow more powerful in staggering ways. Dragon Ball Z concludes with Piccolo at his strongest, and even though the character is largely sidelined in Dragon Ball GT, he still plays an important role. Piccolo’s greatest contribution in Dragon Ball GT occurs during Super 17’s escape from hell. Piccolo sacrifices himself to stay behind in the afterlife in order to give Goku freedom and seal the rift that’s formed.
Fusion is a double-edged sword in the Dragon Ball universe. Fusion has some of its most interesting and powerful combinations with its Saiyan participants, but one union that’s easy to overlook is Shin and Kibito’s Potara fusion, Kibito Kai. Kibito Kai is first formed in Dragon Ball Z as a precautionary measure against Super Buu, but they remain fused together during the events of Dragon Ball GT, too.
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Kibito Kai obeys his celestial restrictions and doesn’t intervene much in battle, but he still steps in to save Goku against Baby and educate him on the ways of Super Saiyan 4.
Dragon Ball GT takes some time to initially kick into high gear, but the arrival of Baby, a vengeful parasitic Tuffle, is when the sequel series really comes into its own. It’s a compelling idea to bring back the Tuffles as a threat and cause the Saiyans to reckon with their destructive past as a result. Baby is a curious case since the character’s true power corresponds to the host that he decides to infect. Baby’s strength on his own is therefore somewhat limited, but his ability to take control of practically the entire population of a planet cannot be underestimated.
One of the most rewarding details about Dragon Ball GT and its jump forward in time is what the anime decides to do with Uub, who is positioned for ultimate greatness as Dragon Ball Z ends. Uub is undeniably stronger in Dragon Ball GT, and he gains access to even greater power after he fuses with Good Buu to become Majuub. Uub plays his part against Baby, Super 17, and even some of the Shadow Dragons. The character’s strength, in addition to his access to Good Buu’s transformation techniques, makes him one of Dragon Ball GT’s finest.
One element of Dragon Ball GT that’s handled especially well is the way in which the series brings back old characters, yet in exciting, new contexts. Dragon Ball GT gives Dr. Gero a worthy companion in hell, Dr. Myuu, and the two work together to forge the greatest Android that Dragon Ball has ever seen. Android 17 and Hell Fighter 17 fuse together to form Super 17. Super 17 causes tremendous damage and casualties, and it’s ultimately Goku’s rarely used Dragon Fist that finally destroys him once and for all.
Dragon Ball GT’s final episodes creatively explore all of the luxuries and rewards that Dragon Ball wishes have granted the heroes, but from a dangerous place of retribution. Seven extremely dangerous manifestations of selfish wishes come into being with the Shadow Dragons. All seven of these creations are among Dragon Ball GT’s strongest characters, but chief among them is Omega Shenron. Omega Shenron isn’t just the most powerful villain in Dragon Ball GT, but he’s a resilient opponent that requires the fused efforts of Super Saiyan 4 Goku and Vegeta to secure the victory.
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