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A person’s favorite character in the Ridley Scott movie House of Gucci can reveal a lot about their personality and their personal values.
House of Gucci is a movie that is very much driven by its characters, their relationships with one another, and their own personal dreams and ambitions. Indeed, in some ways these characters are larger-than-life, and their actions–both the positive and the negative–reveal a great deal about them and what they value. However, the people who appear in the movie are more than just caricatures, but instead are as complicated as people often are in the real world.
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The characters that individual viewers feel drawn to can similarly be revealing about their own ways of looking at everything, including themselves.
Patrizia Reggiani is sure to be seen as one of Lady Gaga’s most impressive roles, and she manages to reveal just how complicated she was, as she pulled herself out of her relatively obscure origins and became part of a powerful business and design family.
She is a very ambitious and determined person, never willing to settle for what others decide for her, and it’s this type of person that will feel drawn to her. They will also feel intrigued by Patrizia’s willingness to take on her male in-laws for more influence in the company.
Just as Patrizia is sure to become one of Lady Gaga’s best roles, Maurizio Gucci is sure to be the same for Adam Driver, who already has an extensive filmography.
His character is as stubborn as his wife, but he is also very loyal, first to Patrizia and then to his family once he comes to believe that she has been forcing them away from her. He’s the type of character that will invite the sympathy and affiliation of those viewers who similarly prize loyalty as a virtue worth protecting at any cost.
Jared Leto is well-known for his ability to create captivating and at times bewildering characters, and Paolo is certain to be counted as one of them. Like the other members of his family, he has a great deal of pride, and though he is looked at as something of an idiot even by his father, he displays a remarkable consistency and a relentless belief in his own abilities (despite everyone’s discouragement).
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He’s thus the type of character designed to appeal to people who are also willing to pursue their dreams no matter what others might say.
Jeremy Irons has a lot of great movie roles under his belt, and he brings a powerful gravitas to the character of Rodolfo, Maurizio’s father. Given his powerful position within the Gucci family, he is a very proud and dignified man, which is why he opposes Maurizio’s marriage.
However, he ultimately comes to value family loyalty above everything else, which means that viewers who put their family above almost every other consideration will find themselves sympathizing with and agreeing with his stance on various issues.
Al Pacino is a giant of Hollywood, with many notable roles in his filmography. He imbues the character of Aldo Gucci with his considerable charisma, and he emerges as a character who is as cunning and ambitious as anyone in the business world, quite willing to skirt the law if it means helping to solidify the family fortunes.
As a result, he’s the sort of character that’s sure to appeal to people who are determined to forge their own path to success and who emphasize the ends rather than the means.
Salma Hayek, like many of the other stars of this movie, has a venerable history in Hollywood, with many great roles in her past. Here, she plays the character of a fortune teller and psychic who ends up becoming one of Patrizia’s allies and closest friends.
She remains steadfastly loyal to the other woman, even when it becomes clear that she’ll be happy with nothing less than the death of her ex-husband. She’s thus sure to appear sympathetic to those who will remain loyal to their friends, even when what they’re doing is wrong.
Even though he is a relatively minor character in the movie, Domenico de Sole proves that he is one of the most intelligent of its characters. As a lawyer, he understands the ins and outs of business and the law, which leaves him uniquely poised to take over running the company once Maurizio reveals his fundamental incompetence.
Those who like him the most no doubt have a similarly relentless approach to life and friendship and are willing to do whatever it takes to make sure that they get ahead.
Tom Ford is another important player in the fortunes of Gucci, even though he only appears near the end. As it turns out, he has a brilliant imagination and a good eye for what makes fashion work, which is why he becomes key to turning around the company’s fortunes after the ouster of the Guccis themselves.
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He is the type of person that appeals to those who have similarly accomplished backgrounds and who have an artistic vision that they will do much to fulfill.
While the Guccis always look at Patrizia as something of an outsider, her father does the opposite when it comes to Maurizio, both welcoming him into his family and even giving him a job at his trucking company.
For him, nothing is more important than his love for his daughter. As a result of this, he’s the type of character that appeals to people who put a great deal of value in family loyalty and in helping out one’s in-laws as much as one’s blood relatives.
Once his marriage to Patrizia falls apart, it doesn’t take long for Maurizio to find someone else, and that is Paola Franchi. From the moment that they reconnect on the ski slopes, it’s clear that she has her eye on him, and the fact that he is still married to Patrizia at the time doesn’t stop her.
She’s the type of person that sees what she wants and goes for it, and it’s this type of person that will find her appealing and ultimately sympathetic.
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