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The MCU continues to expand, with dozens of recognizable characters from the comics. Which 90s comic book heroes deserve to join the MCU next?
The Marvel Cinematic Universe is firing on all cylinders, with more and more of the comic book giant’s iconic characters being adapted with each passing year. Marvel Studios continues to add to its wide range of comic book characters in each of its many projects, with no end in sight.
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Now that many of Marvel’s most beloved superheroes from the early Silver Age of comics have been adapted for the MCU, there is now an opportunity for characters from later decades to be portrayed in the next phase of films. Many of the previously overlooked heroes from the 1990s could be primed to be the next fan-favorites.
The mutant Marrow was one of the standout introductions to the X-Men in the ’90s comics. Also known simply as “Sarah,” Marrow was passed around several unsavory superpowered groups as a child and young adult before eventually aligning herself with the side of good. The character enjoyed plenty of success in the ’90s, though this popularity gradually declined in later decades.
Marrow has a similar skill set to the Wolverine, with the ability to control the growth of her bones to use as weapons at her whim. She may prove to be a good foil to the MCU’s soon-coming version of Wolverine, perhaps acting as an ally or a rival to the popular superhero.
First appearing in Captain America #434 in December of 1994, Jack Flag was introduced as a sidekick to the Star-Spangled Man. The character has since branched out past his partnership with Captain America, even leaving the confines of Earth to join the Guardians of the Galaxy for a period of time.
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With the MCU’s recent reintroduction of Sam Wilson as the new Captain America after Steve Rogers’s retirement, now is the perfect time to bring some more peripheral Captain America sidekicks into the fold. Jack Flag would no doubt be an interesting addition to the already entertaining Sam-Bucky team-up.
Ben Reilley, a Peter Parker clone created by the supervillain The Jackal, takes on the mantel of the Scarlet Spider during the infamous Clone Saga, one of the darker storylines in Spider-Man comics. Despite general fan distaste for the storyline itself, Ben Reilley became a stand-out character that has yet to be adapted in live-action.
With the recent news that there is another trilogy planned for the MCU Spider-Man, perhaps the creators at Sony and Marvel Studios are prepared to do a more grounded take on the Clone Saga by featuring Ben Reilley’s Scarlet Spider. It would no doubt be a delight for audiences to see Tom Holland interacting with another version of himself on the big screen.
X-Man isn’t just what non-superhero fans mistakenly call the X-Men. The title is an alter-ego to Nathaniel Grey, the son of Jean Grey and Scott Summers, who hails from an apocalyptic alternate future, only arriving in Earth-616 after a battle with the supervillain named Holocaust, the son of Apocalypse.
Nate Grey is one of Marvel’s most powerful mutants of all time and someone that superhero films have not yet adapted for live-action. While the character would require plenty of build-up in order to be properly introduced, he would be thrilling for fans to see on the big screen.
Darkhawk was presented to fans in the early nineties as the new teenage hero, very much in the formula of the Amazing Spider-Man (they even share the same hometown). After finding a powerful amulet that gives him the ability to control a powerful android suit with his mind, Christopher Powell becomes a crime-fighting superhero.
This character was actually quite popular upon his debut, starring in a solo series for several years after his introduction. Darkhawk’s story could make for a quite compelling Disney+ series, especially now that the MCU is introducing more and more younger heroes on that platform.
Shatterstar is the mutant child of Longshot and Dazzler, who has many abilities, including enhanced senses, superhuman cognition, shockwave manipulation, and teleportation. He made his first appearance in The New Mutants #99 in 1991 and has since been a frequent member of the X-Force and X-Factor mutant teams.
Lewis Tan made a brief appearance as the Shatterstar in Deadpool 2, as a member of the ill-fated cinematic X-Force, where he was unceremoniously killed off along with the rest of the team. With Deadpool and many other mutants on their way into the MCU, it is time for Shatterstar to get his due justice in live-action.
Doreen Allene Green, AKA Squirrel Girl, made her first appearance in 1991, as a part of Marvel’s Winter Special. She has superhuman senses and agility, retractable claws, and the uncanny ability to communicate with squirrels, one of which acts as her sidekick, Tippy-Toe.
Per Collider, the character was actually very close to a live-action adaptation several years back for the New Warriors television show that was eventually canceled, slated to be portrayed by Milana Vayntrub. Despite not making it to air, Squirrel Girl could still make an excellent addition to the larger cinematic universe, as her quirky powers and colorful world perfectly match the tone of the MCU.
Sleepwalker is one of the lesser-known Marvel characters to come out of their ’90s era. A member of the Sleepwalker race dwelling in the ethereal Mindscape enters into the mind of New Yorker Rick Sheridan. Sleepwalker and Sheridan have a relationship akin to that of Bruce Banner and the Hulk, eventually using their combined abilities for good.
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The Sleepwalker delves into a darker corner in the Marvel Universe, something that the MCU seems more and more likely to do with the introduction of characters like Moon Knight and Blade in the near future. Sleepwalker could add to the universe in a unique way, adding yet another compelling hero to the MCU lineup.
Gambit is the alter-ego of Remy LeBeau, a Cajun mutant with the ability to convert potential energy into kinetic, often with explosive results. He is known for his signature deck of playing cards, which he often imbues with huge amounts of energy before throwing at his enemies.
The character gained in popularity after he was featured in the 1990 show X-Men: The Animated Series, which is considered one of the greatest superhero cartoons of all time. Channing Tatum was even cast to be the second actor to portray Gambit in live-action, after Taylor Kitsch in X-Men Origins: Wolverine, in a solo film that never got off the ground. Now that the film rights for Gambit lay in Marvel Studio’s hands, perhaps the character will soon see the big screen once more.
There are few superhero fans that are unaware of the existence of the Merc With A Mouth. Wade Wilson has had a storied history with film, making his first live-action appearance in the much-maligned X-Men Origins: Wolverine, played by Ryan Reynolds. Despite the negative reactions to the character, Reynolds was retained to star in a solo Deadpool franchise, which has been much better received thus far.
Perhaps the most popular character to come out of Marvel Comics in the ’90s, Deadpool’s introduction into the MCU is not a question of “if,” but a question of “when.” The stars seem to have aligned for Ryan Reynolds’ beloved version of the character to enter the sprawling superhero universe in the very near future, perhaps ushering in the age of the X-Men in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.
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