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Scarlet Witch has been the focus of some of the most important stories in recent Marvel history.
Scarlet Witch (aka, Wanda Maximoff) has undergone a long, strange trip during her time in Marvel Comics. Beginning her journey as a member of the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, Wanda joined the Avengers and soon became an integral, if not tempestuous, part of the Marvel Universe.
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Scarlet Witch has been the focus of some of the most important stories in recent Marvel history. She rode that importance into the MCU, becoming a fan favorite due to the various traits that set her apart from every other Marvel hero out there. While not all of her differences are positive, she’s still a unique character with engaging storylines.
Over the years, many Marvel villains have changed their ways and become heroes. However, the first three to do so were Scarlet Witch, Quicksilver, and Hawkeye. Scarlet Witch’s transformation is one of the most important moments in her history. She went from a villain to a member of The Avengers and grew immensely as a character while doing so.
Her status as part of the first class doesn’t make her completely unique. However, it does mean she set a precedent for every reformed villain that came after her, blazing a trail for many fan-favorite characters who followed her lead.
Scarlet Witch has a great many powers, but her greatest power is the ability to alter reality itself. Scarlet Witch can do anything she wants, having pulled off things that even gods would find difficult. Reality altering is a potent power and isn’t one Marvel heroes usually have.
In fact, just about every other reality-altering human being – from Monarch to Proteus to Mad Jim Jaspers – has either been a villain or is now on Krakoa and not technically a superhero. Scarlet Witch’s power as a reality-altering hero makes her one of the most powerful superheroes in existence.
Avengers Disassembled is the worst day in Avengers’ history – and it was all Scarlet Witch’s fault. While Marvel retconned the events of that time period to make her less of a monster, the fact remains that Wanda killed several Avengers. Furthermore, instead of being punished for this act, she was taken away by Magneto while the remaining Avengers stood back and did nothing.
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No other hero has killed Avengers and gotten away with it like Scarlet Witch. While there were extenuating circumstances, the fact the Avengers basically brushed the whole thing off is a big deal.
Scarlet Witch has pulled off a lot of amazing feats, but one of the greatest was the creation of Tommy and Billy – her and the Vision’s children. This was before her reality-altering powers were in full effect, so in order to give the children souls, she did something no other superhero could do and wrested pieces of Mephisto’s soul away to give them to her children.
This led Wanda to some rather terrible places, but it’s an impressive feat regardless. No one else has been able to pull it off, which puts her in an exclusive class of her own.
Scarlet Witch has been in a lot of stories, but the most heartwarming tales are those regarding how she and the Vision fell in love. It was a classic doomed romance – a human trying to teach a synthezoid how to love – but they shared a bond from the beginning and worked hard to make their relationship work.
Wanda and Vision ended up getting married and became one of the Avengers’ most iconic couples. While their relationship hit some cataclysmic snags that changed the Avengers and the two heroes forever, they made it work in a way no one thought possible. Ultimately, Scarlet Witch took a creation of Ultron and made him human.
The Phoenix Force is one of the most powerful forces in the Marvel Universe. As the embodiment of death and rebirth, it has traveled the cosmos for eons. It’s also caused trouble almost every time it’s come to Earth, becoming a bone of contention between the Avengers and the X-Men during Avengers Vs. X-Men.
Scarlet Witch showed that her power actually had an effect on the power of the Phoenix Force, making her the Avengers’ ace in the hole. Being able to affect a cosmic force like the Phoenix is a huge deal, and no one has ever pulled it off like Scarlet Witch.
Retcons have changed a lot about Scarlet Witch. One of the biggest changes was her status as a mutant, which she was considered one of for the vast majority of her existence. She fought the X-Men as a member of the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants. However, after reforming, never associated with the team again. Her brother, Quicksilver, was a member of X-Factor and the X-Men for a short period post-Onslaught, but Wanda was never a part of those teams either. Mutants may start out on other teams, but they always find their way to the X-Men eventually. The fact Scarlet Witch never has makes her unique in the annals of Marvel history.
Origin retcons aren’t uncommon in Marvel. However, Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver take the cake. What makes it so special isn’t how it’s one major retcon, but several. Over the years, the parentage and source of the Maximoff twins’ powers have been changed many times – from unknown Transians to the Whizzer and Miss America’s offspring, to Magneto and his wife Magda’s offspring, then back to unknown Transians. Their powers either come from being mutants or the High Evolutionary.
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The High Evolutionary arc is the most infamous as it didn’t really make story sense. It was mostly so Marvel could cash in on her big-screen debut. Still, she’s had more changes to her origin than anyone but Quicksilver.
Marvel does not have a good track record with its heroines, and Scarlet Witch has suffered more than any other character. While Marvel heroines like Jean Grey, Captain Marvel, and Invisible Woman all had questionable storylines in the past, Scarlet Witch’s most iconic stories – the ones where she takes the lead – all play on the “crazy woman who can’t control her emotions” stereotype.
Scarlet Witch is one of Marvel’s most iconic women, but her most hyped stories are all terribly cliched and insulting to women. One would think things would get better, but they mostly haven’t. Even WandaVision played into the same tired stereotypes as the comics.
M-Day was one of the worst days in mutant history, if not the worst. On a whim, Scarlet Witch depowered the vast majority of the mutant race and did more damage to their kind than anyone else. Sure, Cassandra Nova killed sixteen million mutants, but there were still millions left. Scarlet Witch reduced them to nearly nothing, while the Avengers defended her actions when she showed back up.
No other hero has done anything like this, let alone gotten away with it – even with the retcons that made it less her fault. Scarlet Witch is continually given a pass for her wrongdoing despite being the hero who’s done the most harm to mutants.
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