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Even Marvel Comics knows no one actually believes that superheroes die anymore, and spent an entire issue making fun of their own practices.
Warning: contains spoilers for Death of Doctor Strange: Spider-Man #1!
Fans of Marvel Comics know that whenever a superhero dies, it’s only a matter of time until they return from the grave – and now Marvel officially recognizes just how temporary death can be in their own universe, thanks to Spider-Man and Doctor Strange. Marvel has created an entire issue which lampoons the concept of death on every page, during events big and small. Thanks to Death of Doctor Strange: Spider-Man #1, fans are treated to one massive lampshade-hanging of an issue.
In current Marvel comics continuity, Doctor Strange has been murdered, assassinated by an unknown magic-wielding assailant. As such, the magical community plunges into chaos; without a Sorcerer Supreme, the Earth is in terrible danger. A psychic message sent by Strange to both Spider-Man and Black Cat commands the two to assemble at Strange’s Sanctum Sanctorum, where the pair are confronted with the news that Doctor Strange is dead…as Doctor Strange passes by in a hallway.
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“What? He’s right there!” I can see him behind you!” exclaims an incredulous Black Cat as Doctor Strange indeed saunters by, completely in view of his guests. “It’s complicated,” admits Wong, and he’s not wrong; Strange has left a remnant of himself behind, to be used in the case of his death. It’s not technically him, but it also is him. This is but the first reference to a non-death in the world of comics in the issue and it won’t be the last.
Doctor Strange left Spider-Man and Black Cat a list of chores to accomplish in his absence; as one of the few people whom Strange trusts, Spider-man must fight demons, imprison evil spirits and even exorcise a demonic subway train, the 666 Train. Meeting Moon Knight, the pair tell Marc Spector about Strange’s death. “That’s too bad…I’ve died a few times myself. I don’t recommend it,” says Moon Knight before departing. The flippant way Moon Knight dismisses Doctor Strange’s death means Moon Knight knows what all other comic book fans know: death is only a temporary setback for nearly all Marvel characters. As if to prove a point, every character in the issue has died at least once: Ben Reilly, Black Cat, Wong, Moon Knight and Doctor Strange himself have all died – and returned. In Marvel Comics, one does not encounter pearly gates upon ascending to Heaven so much as a revolving door.
Currently, the Scarlet Witch is also going through a pseudo-resurrection of sorts similar to Doctor Strange. Adding her to the number of heroes who’ve died, it’s easier to count the number of heroes who haven’t died than those who have passed on (and returned). Doctor Strange is indeed dead, but thanks to Marvel’s penchant for bringing back characters moments after they die, he is not long for the world to come.
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