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Earth’s Mightiest Heroes will do anything to save the day, but Marvel doesn’t exactly have a great track record for likable superheroes in the comics.
Marvel‘s superheroes are some of the most popular of all time. They’ve transcended the comics and have become pop culture icons, their adventures captivating fans around the world in many different types of media. The way Marvel heroes are perceived by fans is very important and also very different depending on the medium. MCU fans love some characters that comic fans don’t.
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In the comics, things are very different, as many heroes have done things over the years that have made them objects of scorn. Earth’s Mightiest Heroes will do anything to save the day, but Marvel doesn’t exactly have a great track record for likable superheroes in the comics.
Archangel was one of the original five X-Men, but even back then, he was kind of the dud of the group. His powers were the least useful in a fight and he wasn’t very interesting as a character, basically just a generic rich kid that was slightly annoying. Archangel would gain some utility in battle when he got his Apocalypse created techno-organic wings, but he didn’t get much better as a character.
It’s nearly impossible to find anyone who is an actual fan of the character and Archangel’s long been one of the least loved X-Men. At best, he’s just sort of there. At worst, he’s a waste of space, with his stories vacillating between him turning into a monster or being the blandest character around.
Cyclops is another of the original five X-Men who isn’t exactly beloved. He’s a very interesting character and has been built up rather well, especially by writers like Grant Morrison and Joss Whedon in recent years, but that doesn’t change that a lot of people hate him. For years, Cyclops was the ultimate no fun character. On a team with characters like Wolverine, Kitty Pryde, Storm, and Gambit, that didn’t win him any fans. Cyclops’ turn to a more hard edged hero after the mass depowering mutants made him more faceted, but rubbed a lot of fans the wrong way. He’s gotten better, but for a lot of fans, he’s still poison.
The Sentry was an interesting idea that never really got off the ground. His first mini series presented a flawed Marvel version of Superman, but then he lay dormant for years until he was brought back in New Avengers, where he basically didn’t do anything. Then he was in Mighty Avengers and also didn’t do anything. In Dark Avengers, he was a creepy monster and then he was dead.
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Since then, he’s been brought back, but it’s always the same type of story. While The Sentry has a few fans who remember his original miniseries and all of his promise, most fans got tired of the hackneyed way he was used and prefer him gone.
The Inhumans were always one of Marvel’s C-list franchises, but they had their fans. Most of them went away when Marvel tried to make them into the mutant replacement, because that’s not what they were at all. The Inhumans are a eugenics obsessed, slave owning monarchy, so trying to use them to replace the civil rights allegory characters was tone deaf at best.
They were put into stories that were basically X-Men stories and just didn’t fit. It was putting a square peg into a round hole, losing everything interesting about the Inhumans in the process and driving fans away in droves.
Quicksilver is one of Marvel’s fastest speedsters, but Marvel speedsters aren’t nearly as beloved as their distinguished competition’s speedsters. Quicksilver is probably Marvel’s most well known speedster, but he’s not exactly well liked. Far from it, in fact, as he’s an obnoxious jerk who doesn’t really appeal to anyone.
Quicksilver has his uses, but he’s not exactly the most loved hero. Over the years, his appearances have gotten less and less, even though his sister Scarlet Witch’s star has continued to rise to stratospheric levels.
Hank Pym is one of Marvel’s first superheroes and a founding Avenger, but he’s easily the least loved of that number. Hank Pym was never all that interesting a character, just another generic Silver Age super-scientist, and unlike many of his peers, any development he got made him worse. His powers aren’t exactly the best and his most well known moment is hitting his wife and trying to kill his friends.
Hank Pym fans are few and far between. In fact, most fans would rather he just stayed away completely, because Scott Lang is a better Ant-Man than he ever was and Wasp is a much better Avenger. It’s telling that most comic fans know Hank Pym for slapping his wife over any of his heroics.
Doctor Druid was a proto-Doctor Strange, first known as Doctor Droom. He was a massive failure at the time, but was eventually brought back as Doctor Druid and put on the Avengers as the team’s resident magic user. He didn’t really catch on with fans and his role in betraying the team once he became leader didn’t exactly help things.
Doctor Druid wasn’t even that interesting of a character in the Silver Age and he never got any better. He’s also superfluous, as Doctor Strange is a much better magical character. Marvel wheels him out once a decade to see if they can make him work, but he never does.
Beast was once a fan favorite character. He was fun, bouncing around as he fought and making jokes. He was the brains of the X-Men and X-Factor, and had fan favorite runs on the Avengers and the Defenders. At some point, Marvel decided to make Beast a morally grey character and it’s been all downhill from there.
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Beast is now responsible for terrible things and is completely unrepentant about it. He’s culpable in genocide along with the rest of the Illuminati, almost destroyed the timestream, and fans have seen him commit vile acts that constantly backfire on him. Beast is just a bad character nowadays and any love for him is long gone.
Reed Richards is one of the most intelligent people on the planet, but that’s the only positive thing about him. Sure, he’s led the Fantastic Four and helped save the world many times over, but he’s also emotionally abused his wife Sue for years, neglected his family & friends for science, and is all in all the worst person on the team.
Reed Richards is the personification of ’60s white male exceptionalism, which is not a good thing. While the other three members of the Fantastic Four are beloved, Reed has few fans and there’s a good reason for that, as he’s legitimately terrible.
Iron Man may be one of the most popular MCU characters, but the comic version of the character is completely different. Over the years, Tony’s betrayed his friends multiple times, has been culpable in genocide, and is all in all just the worst hero in the Marvel Universe. In fact, it’s gotten to the point where it seems like the only reason Marvel publishes an Iron Man solo book is because of the MCU. Iron Man is extremely important to the history of the Marvel Universe, but he’s done so many terrible thing over the years.
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