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Moro can drain others’ strength and use it as his own, and this would make it easy for him to defeat plenty of Dragon Ball GT characters.
Dragon Ball Super‘s Moro is one of the most dangerous villains in series’ history. Moro’s strength isn’t just in martial arts, but in his magical ability to drain anything of it’s power to increase his own. He looks at most of his opponents not as enemies, but as food. Between his ability to drain his opponents and his own natural strength, it took Goku mastering Ultra Instinct to defeat him.
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Dragon Ball GT has plenty of powerful characters introduced over it’s 64-episode run, but most of them would present no challenge to someone who pushed Goku and Vegeta to their limit in the way Moro did.
One of Dragon Ball GT’s big ideas was reverting Goku to being a kid, with the goal being to recapture the magic of the original Dragon Ball series. Goku is turned back into a child by the Dragon Balls which leads him to go on the quest to gather all the Dragon Balls and wish himself back to normal. In this form, Goku isn’t able to maintain Super Saiyan 3 for very long. To make matters worse, Super Saiyan 3 isn’t all that powerful when compared to Super Saiyan God or Super Saiyan Blue, and Moro was able to deal with both of those forms, so Goku wouldn’t stand a chance here.
By Dragon Ball GT, Goten has grown up and his sole focus is impressing his girlfriend. He’s spent so much time slacking on his training that even Vegeta points it out as a weakness. Though he’s featured in the series fighting somewhat often, it’s never to show him achieving very much, instead being someone responsible for holding the enemy off for a time. Goten never manages to train enough to master Super Saiyan 2, and while he was able to battle against Baby as he was trying to get stronger, Moro can simply drain his energy and use that to fuel himself for other enemies.
While Goten became focused on his girlfriend, Trunks grew up and became focused on running Capsule Corp. Though he’s actually quite talented at it, he’s eager to get away from everything the job comes with and goes with Goku after being forced by Vegeta. Though Trunks did tag along on the adventure to recover the Dragon Balls, he often comes across as even less impressive in combat than Goten. More interested in technology than training, he’s stuck at Super Saiyan form, and while he still has some combat knowledge, in the end he doesn’t fight often enough to have a response to Moro draining him.
By the time of Dragon Ball GT, Gohan has let his skills atrophy. He still trains enough so that he can be capable of going Super Saiyan, which at least makes him more impressive than he was at the start of Super. Moreover, he’s still stronger than both Trunks and Goten, but he’s also back to going Super Saiyan again instead of having access to his Potential Unleashed, or “Ultimate” form.
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He barely gets to fight in Dragon Ball GT, and is instead usually seen in the background. Gohan had the opportunity to face Moro in Dragon Ball Super and much like Piccolo wasn’t really able to do anything to him, and he was definitely more powerful there than he is in GT.
General Rilldo is a member of the Machine Mutants and one of the earliest antagonists Goku battles on his quest to collect the Black Star Dragon Balls. Rilldo is said to be more powerful than Majin Buu, but there are a few problems with this. One, Majin Buu’s power has been drastically surpassed by the time of Dragon Ball Super. And two, Rilldo had problems with Goku as a child in his Super Saiyan 2 form. His best technique is transforming people into metal, but Moro could not only reverse that, but absorb his energy as well like he did with Seven-Three, one of Moro’s most powerful associates.
Eis Shenron is one of a handful of Shenron who appear during the Omega Shenron storyline. He’s one of the most powerful Shadow Dragons, and was able to fight with Super Saiyan 4 Goku, something that few characters in Dragon Ball GT can say they did effectively. However, Super Saiyan 4 isn’t on the same level as Super Saiyan Blue. Even if it was, Eis Sheron’s strategy of constantly cheating to get the upper hand isn’t going to help him against someone who doesn’t want to fight fair in the first place. Moro would push past most of his elemental attacks and drain him dry.
The Machine Mutants attempted to apprehend Goku with the Sigma Force using their ultimate form, the Super Mega Cannon Sigma. This combined Commander Nezi, Ribet, and Bizu into a single form. But Goku held back against them for most of their fight, then eventually went Super Saiyan and took them down with a single Kamehameha. This group isn’t strong enough to even keep pace with most of Dragon Ball GT’s villains, so they would get washed against someone as ruthless and as powerful as Moro.
Dolltaki was as straightforward as his name suggests: a guy obsessed with dolls. He found a way to transform Pan into a doll, something he could admire and keep on him at all times. He works as a perfect underling, but he’s also not terribly competent…and he’s even less powerful.
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He eventually annoyed General Rilldo too much and was killed for being a disappointment. That would likely be what happened to him with Moro. He wouldn’t be able to serve as a very useful lackey, and instead would be killed not long after he began working for Moro’s group.
Dr. Myuu was another of the Machine Mutants, who served as an antagonist for roughly half of Dragon Ball GT. His aims were simple: conquer the entire universe with his inventions. He came up with multiple plans to do so, and even betrayed people who tried to work with him during the series. Myuu and Moro might get along at first, since Myuu might try to convince him they could conquer the universe together. Eventually though, Myuu would get out of line or finally try to attack Moro with the intent of taking him out and find himself turned into a snack.
Nuova Shenron was Eis’ twin brother. But unlike Eis who happened to be a cheater in combat, Nuova happened to be so honorable he actually fought alongside Goku at one point. Nuova has a form that can actually fight evenly with Super Saiyan 4 Goku, and he’s got a wide variety of abilities that make him a tough person to beat, including being able to rely on the sun to give him energy. But Moro is the opposite of Nuova—he refuses to fight fair, and would have no problem cheating to drain Nuova of his energy if it meant he could walk away as the winner of their match.
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