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Throughout their comic book history, the women in the Marvel Universe have evolved in amazing ways.
Marvel‘s women are some of the greatest heroes of them all. Whether they’re mutants, enhanced humans, or everything in between, the women of Earth have proved how they’re some of the most powerful heroes and villains in the Marvel Universe. These women have more than proven they’re among the most almighty beings on the planet, having made a name for themselves as part of a team or flying solo.
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Women in the Marvel Universe have evolved in amazing ways over the years, not only becoming better characters but way more powerful in the process. Legends in their own right, these superpowered women have made the Marvel Universe a much better place.
Madelyne Pryor was created by Mister Sinister so he could get his hands on a child with DNA from both Cyclops and Jean Grey. As a clone of Jean Grey, Pryor was gifted with all the same psionic powers. While she was never as skilled as her genetic twin, she’s still vastly powerful. On top of that, she became the Goblin Queen for a time and gained demonic powers.
Pryor has been defeated many times, but she always comes back to bedevil the X-Men time and time again. Anyone who can do the damage Pryor has to various mutant teams is amazingly powerful. As a result, her single-handed destruction lands her a spot amongst the most powerful women on Earth.
Emma Frost started her life as a rich debutante. However, she wasn’t about that life. As a result, Emma set out to create her own life and used her telepathic powers and brains to create an empire, ultimately becoming the White Queen of the Hellfire Club. She’d eventually join the X-Men and prove just how powerful she was by using her telepathy to become one of the team’s premier members.
On top of that, Emma’s secondary mutation allowed her to transform into a human diamond with super strength and resistance to mental attacks. She’s a multi-faceted threat, one of the most powerful telepaths on the planet, and can also bash in the face of anyone she’s up against.
Polaris has gone through a lot over the years, but she’s always had the potential to become one of the most powerful people on Earth. Polaris is the daughter of Magneto and has the same mutant powers as her father. That said, she’s never really lived up to her potential. Although Polaris is powerful, she doesn’t try very hard and always plays second fiddle to her boyfriend, Havok.
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This lack of motivation has changed since Polaris came into her own, leaving Havok behind and learning to master her powers to a greater extent. She’s only gotten better over the years, and there’s no telling how powerful she’ll become in the years to come.
She-Hulk might not be as strong as her cousin Bruce, but she’s no slouch. She starts out weaker than him but has the same strength potential – the angrier she gets, the stronger she gets. Unlike the Hulk, she’s done a better job of controlling herself over years. However, She-Hulk isn’t immune to the anger that comes with being a Hulk. When she embraces her rage, she’s truly frightening.
She-Hulk has been in some great stories with those stories all proving the same thing: She-Hulk is one of the strongest women on Earth. Her super strength and durability make her a daunting foe for any who face her, and she’s just as scary and mighty as the Hulk.
Invisible Woman has had a long and strange trip through the Marvel Universe. Stan Lee couldn’t write women very well, so she was a weak and nagging character for years. Writers following Lee kept up this characterization. However, Invisible Woman was eventually made into a more well-rounded character and the most powerful member of the Fantastic Four.
Her control of invisible energy has made her an offensive and defensive titan. She can create shields that are basically impenetrable and attack with invisible constructs that hit as hard as she can imagine. In fact, the Invisible Woman can beat anyone the team fights completely on her own.
Rogue has some of the best powers in the Marvel Universe. Her base abilities, super strength, invulnerability, and flight make her a titan on the battlefield. However, they aren’t the best she can do. Rogue has the ability to siphon the powers of others with a touch, which means she can drain the power from friends and foes alike and gain their abilities.
This makes Rogue one of the most useful heroes to have around. She can do everything anyone around her can, making her a fearsome threat. In her villain days, she beat the Avengers all by herself. Since then, Rogue’s only gotten better.
Storm is easily one of the most powerful mutants on the planet, and her weather powers have grown immensely over the years. Not only is she a threat to any villain she faces, she can also control the weather patterns of the planet. This means Storm can blast foes with lightning or summon category five hurricanes.
She can also summon “Finger of God” tornadoes and control them with perfect accuracy. Storm is the type of mutant who can devastate the entire planet if she wanted to. That’s real power. She was worshiped as a goddess on the Serengeti and there’s a good reason for that: she is one.
Unlike her Kree Captain Marvel counterpart, Carol Danvers, Monica Rambeau is the only human to hold the mantle of Captain Marvel (and she’s probably the most powerful). Now known as Spectrum, Monica might not be as high up in the heroic world as she once was, but she’s no less powerful.
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Monica can control energy, which makes her a devastating combatant. She can also harness or absorb energy, become a being made of it, and move in excess of the speed of light. Her abilities have allowed her to face down some of the most powerful beings in the universe with little to no effort, which pitches her as one of the most powerful people on Earth.
Jean Grey is one of the most important X-Men and one of the team’s most powerful members. Her telepathy is second only to Charles Xavier’s and her telekinesis is powerful enough to shatter mountains. She also has an acute control over her power that allows her to manipulate molecules.
Jean Grey can do it all. She can read the minds of her foes, know what they’re going to do before they do it, and use her telekinesis to defend or attack. There are few heroes out there who can defeat Jean Grey, which makes her a legend among her fellow mutants.
Scarlet Witch is the most powerful woman on Earth – there’s pretty much no denying that. She’s a master of magic and can alter reality itself, which is how she depowered most of the mutant race throughout the multiverse. Using just three words, she transformed the entire world. With the help of Hope Summers, she was able to reverse what she did and repower the mutant race.
Scarlet Witch is basically a god. Her only limitations are her own making. Although she’s physically weak, her powers make her a daunting foe on the battlefield because she can completely change it anytime she wants. The things Wanda’s done over the years are both amazing and terrible, making her one of the most feared beings on Earth.
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