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Players can finally unlock Spider-Man, the soon-to-be new Avenger, by finding his webbings on the Chimera in Marvel’s Avengers game.
After a long wait and lots of speculation, Marvel’s Avengers has finally added the fan-favorite friendly neighborhood Spider-Man as a PlayStation exclusive. Spider-man can be found on the command deck of the Chimera, and comes with his own event quest, skill tree, and cosmetics to level up.
The new event quest that comes along with the free DLC is titled, ‘Spider-Man: With Great Power‘. Players web through challenges against the current villain, A.I.M. (Advanced Idea Mechanics), as Spidey decides whether to be a part of the Avengers team or remain a solo artist. Spider-Man exceeds expectations in Marvel’s Avengers with his traditional abilities to traverse the levels via web-slinging and entrapping enemies with webs, as support to the other heroes.
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The first key element to unlocking Spider-Man is owning Marvel’s Avengers on either Playstation 4 or Playstation 5, as he’s available exclusively on these consoles. After entering the Chimera, players should notice a suspicious web on one of the glass windows. Press the action button to interact with it, and the heroes event quest will begin.
After Spider-Man meets with Black Widow, Cap, Iron Man, and Ms. Marvel in Marvel’s Avengers, he’s informed that while he should train in the H.A.R.M. room. Feel free to explore the Chimera and interact with the characters, but don’t waste time going all the way down to the lower decks, as the training doesn’t start there. Instead, use the Initiative Operations hub in the command room and select the option for the Helicarrier. From there, players can select any of the options available to begin completing Spider-Man’s training any order they wish.
Spider-Man also comes equipped with his own set of heroic powers to utilize during Marvel’s Avengers. The Spider-Drone is his Support Heroic, and will shoot at enemies within its range. The Assault Heroic Web-Bomb is a great area of effect weapon that will immobilize any enemies within range. Finally, his Ultimate Heroic is a giant Wrecking Ball of webs that smash down and inflicts massive damage. The Wrecking Ball also gives Spider-Man an increased Defense and Damage buff.
Marvel’s Avengers inclusion of Spider-Man takes players through the full experience of joining the team for the first time. Once unlocked, and his training completed, players are immersed into his portion of the A.I.M. issue where Spider-Man is searching for the help of Tiny Dancer in hopes to obtain files that are important to defeating the robot enemies.
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Marvel’s Avengers is available on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and Windows.
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