NEWS WATCH: MARVEL'S VOICES: COMUNIDADES #1 Celebrating Latino / Latinx Heroes & Creators Out Tomorrow – Comic Watch

Continuing the Marvel’s Voices tradition, MARVEL’S VOICES: COMUNIDADES, the latest one-shot in the groundbreaking Marvel’s Voices series, will turn the spotlight to Latin and Latinx heroes and creators from all corners of the Marvel Universe, lands on shelves tomorrow.
These all-new stories will star some of Marvel’s most popular heroes while celebrating the range of their cultural heritage as told by fan-favorite writers and artists and those making their Marvel Comics debut.

Check out the all-new MARVEL’S VOICES: COMUNIDADES #1 trailer for a sneak peek at each adventure that awaits including tales featuring Miles Morales, America Chavez, Reptil, White Tiger, and more.

Don’t forget to pick up MARVEL’S VOICES: COMUNIDADES #1 tomorrow digitally or at your local comic shop!
Chad lives in upstate NY and has been a life long comic book reader and collector. As a result of this, Chad has many issues, many of which are bagged, boarded, and sorted.
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