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From best friends to “frenemies,” the X-Men comics are filled with some genuinely wholesome friendships.
Teamwork and friendship have been central themes in X-Men comics since the first issue. As the mutants team up to fight all sorts of human and alien threats, most of the members have a few “best friends” on whom they can fall back in times of need. Duos like Iceman and Angel as well as Storm and Jean Grey easily qualify for the “best friends forever” label.
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In some cases, such as Wolverine and Cyclops, pairs engage in conflicts with each other but still respect each other in the end. Then there are those friendships in X-Men comics that develop from a sense of paternal care from on of the pair, as can be seen in Gambit’s friendship with X-23.
Cyclops and Wolverine are often at loggerheads, mainly because of their ideological differences as team leaders of the X-Men. A love triangle with Jean Grey has also contributed to tensions between the two. But ultimately, they have each other’s backs, and even if they might not show it all the time, both X-Men heroes respect each other.
Even though Wolverine might be reckless in general, he still understands that Cyclops’ responsible leadership is needed for the team. On the other hand, even Cyclops is ready to embrace Wolverine’s wild side, such as when they both joined X-Force.
Gambit and Storm understand each other well owing to their similar origins. Both know what it feels like to be a misfit as they had to leave their families at an early age and resort to thievery.
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While Storm has grown up to be a stickler for rules, Gambit is still impulsive and unpredictable. Yet even their opposite energies seem to draw them to each other. There are times when their relationship can even turn romantic, but they have largely remained friends.
Nightcrawler is usually courteous to everyone in general, but with Kitty Pryde (Shadowcat), he is nicer than usual. Initially, Kitty had an apprehension with mutants like him because they looked different from her, but she gave up her naive fears when Nightcrawler began opening up to her.
Their friendship only grew stronger with future adventures. Be it as members of the X-Men or forming the British outfit Excalibur, they have stuck together. Nightcrawler’s thoughts on losing her come out in an emotionally moving scene from the 2000s X-Men comic issue Messiah Complex in which Kitty is presumed to be dead.
Professor X and Magneto are iconically both enemies and friends. Fighting for the mutants’ cause together, they teamed up in their younger days. But while Xavier extolled a peaceful approach to assimilate mutants in human society, Magneto advocated for a more extremist solution with members of the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants.
This difference in opinion forced them to part ways, but they surprisingly still kept on being friends later on, especially in comics like House of X. Despite their conflict, both characters are ready to team up for the sake of mutant safety. Even during less chaotic times, the two can be found playing chess or engaging in friendly debates.
Deadpool and Cable make for one of the strangest friendships in the X-Men comics. Traveling across timelines, the talkative mercenary and the uptight X-Force alumnus are unexpected partners and have gone on to star in their own comic series. In fact, one issue of Cable and Deadpool even found Deadpool taking care of a de-aged infant version of Cable.
Their energies never match and Deadpool annoys Cable whenever the moment arises, but during battle, both use the full extent of their powers to have each other’s back.
Bobby Drake (Iceman) and Warren Worthington (Angel) debuted together in X-Men #1 and stuck around with each other even when the original version of the team took a break. In fact, they became such close friends during their adventures that they even embarked on a trip to Los Angeles to briefly join the Challengers. Later on, they also joined the Defenders.
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Knowing each other since their younger days, Iceman and Angel are virtually inseparable. They might not break down into dramatic monologues on friendship all the time but they still are present for each other when required. When Angel turned into the evil Archangel, Iceman began reacting violently and was ready to go to any lengths to restore his friend to his normal state. Such cases show the strength of their bond.
Wolverine and Storm share a very mature friendship in the comics. They engage in friendly banter, joke about each other’s powers, but at the end of the day, they are the mutants who serve as inspirations for other younger members. Hence, their friendship is that of equals. Both mutants serve as teachers in Professor X’s school as well as the strongest members of X-Men.
While most of Wolverine’s friends within the X-Men team are younger than him, Storm makes for a comparatively mature companion. Storm is also one of the few peers who can put up with Wolverine’s moody tantrums.
Jean Grey has been subjected to dark forces in her Dark Phoenix form. Storm has similarly caused unintentional harm whenever she gets possessed by the evil X-Men villain Shadow King. Because of such experiences, both share a special bond and are able to offer each other comfort when required.
This doesn’t mean that they haven’t had their low points. From judging her wardrobe choice to reading her mind without her consent, Jean has aroused Storm’s suspicion on more than one occasion. But over time, Storm seems to have forgiven her and they have only come closer as they aren’t afraid to be vulnerable to each other.
Wolverine has a thick skin, and it is only in front of friends like Nightcrawler that he melts down. Touched by Kurt’s good-natured personality, Wolverine loves teaming up with the blue-skinned teleporter even on solo operations.
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Even in the face of differences, Kurt and Logan bond well with each other. While Wolverine is a cynic who has given up on the world, Nightcrawler never gives up hope and relies on his spiritual faith in times of trouble. Despite being polar opposites, they find comfort in talking to each other. After all, it is not with everyone that Wolverine will open up for a hug.
Gambit has served as an older brother-like figure to Laura Kinney (X-23), helping her get accustomed to the real world. As she spent most of her early years in the confinement of secret laboratories, she needed a guardian of sorts. While Wolverine can also take this role, he is still not as casual and warm as Gambit.
The card-wielding telekinetic mutant can often empathize with Laura’s traumatic childhood. He helped her in embracing her humanity, accepting the fact that she can be herself instead of just the killing weapon called X-23.
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