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Lady Gaga hasn’t joined the Marvel Cinematic Universe yet, but that could change in the future. Here are some Marvel characters she could play.
Lady Gaga hasn’t joined a superhero franchise yet, but here are some of the best Marvel characters she could play in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. All types of actors have joined the MCU sandbox during the first 13 years of movies and Disney+ shows. Established legends of Hollywood like Anthony Hopkins and Robert Redford signed on to play important roles, while Marvel Studios also turned lesser-known actors like Chris Hemsworth and Tom Holland into household names. With multiple Phase 4 Marvel movies and shows in various stages of development, there is plenty room for many other actors to join the MCU, including Lady Gaga.
The award-winning pop singer started to make the leap to being an actress in Hollywood in the mid-2010s with her roles in Sin City: A Dame to Kill For and American Horror Story. This led to her landing her breakout acting role in Bradley Cooper’s A Star Is Born remake, which landed her an Oscar nomination for her performance and a win for writing the song “Shallow.” Lady Gaga chose her next acting gig carefully and decided to work with Ridley Scott on House of Gucci, where she played Patrizia Reggiani. Her talent as an actress is quite clear through just a few performances, and it has led to Lady Gaga fans pleading her to join the MCU cast.
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Since Lady Gaga has yet to be part of the superhero franchise, there are plenty of possible Marvel characters she could play. She hasn’t specifically expressed interest in joining the MCU but is open to joining a superhero project for the right part. Lady Gaga said in late 2021 that she’d consider it if the role and movie “ultimately have something to say.” She used House of Gucci and what it had to say about women as an example of what attracted her to the role of Patrizia Reggiani. It would be quite surprising if Marvel Studios doesn’t at least inquire about her level of interest and see they meet Lady Gaga’s superhero movie requirements. If so, here are some of the Marvel characters she could play.
Lady Gaga has long been thought of as a possible casting choice for the MCU’s Emma Frost. The powerful mutant telepath was previously played by January Jones in X-Men: First Class. Known as the White Queen, Emma Frost has the type of long-term potential as a character that could appeal to Lady Gaga’s sensibilities. She starts out as a villain of the X-Men, due to her affiliation with the Hellfire Club and begins training young mutants. However, she eventually turns to work with the X-Men and teaches at Xavier’s school, where she becomes an invaluable member of the mutant community. Since the X-Men have long represented various political and social ideas, Emma Frost’s place in those allegories could be what attracts Lady Gaga to the role – in addition to playing an incredibly powerful woman superhero/supervillain. This could take a few years to come to fruition, though, since the MCU seemingly isn’t rushing its X-Men reboot, and it would also require Lady Gaga to be interested in multiple appearances most likely.
Arguably the biggest Marvel character Lady Gaga could play in the MCU is Sue Storm a.k.a. Invisible Woman. As one of the main members of the Fantastic Four, this would be a massive role for the actress to take on. Her invisibility and force field powers make her an incredibly skilled hero, but she’s also a loving mother and frequent leader of the Fantastic Four. The combination of her powers and leadership skills could be something that draws Lady Gaga to the role, as it would once again give her the opportunity to play a powerful female in a male-dominated field. While Jessica Alba and Kate Mara played Invisible Woman in prior Fantastic Four franchises, Lady Gaga could make Sue Storm her own in the MCU. With Marvel gearing up for their reboot, this casting might not take too long to happen if she’s selected to lead Jon Watt’s movie.
Lady Gaga would also be a fun choice to play Clea, a powerful Marvel sorcerer and Doctor Strange’s long-time love interest. Clea comes from the Dark Dimension and is related to Dormammu, who was Doctor Strange‘s final villain. While there have been rumors she’ll appear in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, the role is still officially up for grabs at this moment. Clea becomes nearly as powerful as Doctor Strange in the comics thanks to his teachings and her Dark Dimension origin. Lady Gaga and Benedict Cumberbatch would make for an incredible MCU power couple, but there is much more to Clea than being just a love interest, which admittedly likely wouldn’t interest the actress. She has her own ambitions, including leading a rebellion of the Dark Dimension to take control. There is also an ongoing tragedy that Lady Gaga could tap into that stems from Clea’s desire to be with Strange – a desire constantly disrupted by the two being pulled in different directions (and different dimensions).
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Abigail Brand is also another intriguing option for who Lady Gaga should play in the MCU. Brand is a mutant with the ability to shoot fire from her hands, but she’s much more powerful than her mutation. She is best known for being the leader of SWORD, the intergalactic version of SHIELD introduced in Phase 4. Abigail Brand is arguably an even more ruthless version of Nick Fury, as she’ll do anything it takes to keep Earth safe, which is her and SWORD’s ultimate goal. The questionable morality of Abigail Brand gives Lady Gaga a fascinating character to play, while also positioning her as a major character moving forward. It would also likely not require Lady Gaga to be the main character in a major MCU franchise and instead make smaller appearances in various projects, which could be a better fit for her busy schedule and ambitions.
Another fun possibility for Lady Gaga’s MCU role is the Marvel character Songbird. Melissa Gold was originally known as Screaming Mimi but took on the Songbird name when she got increased powered and became a member of the Thunderbolts. Melissa has a tough backstory growing up in a troubled family and learning to fend for herself. Her voice-based powers allow Songbird to create various constructs and sound blasts, but she’s also able to influence other people using subtle vibrations. With Phase 4 heavily teasing that the Thunderbolts or Dark Avengers are forming, it should only be a matter of time before Songbird is introduced. If that is the case, then Lady Gaga could be a good casting choice. Meanwhile, her voice powers would be a fun nod to Lady Gaga’s musical career.
If Lady Gaga wants to get involved with the MCU without taking on a major role or even one that required her to be on set potentially, it would be quite serendipitous if she played Lylla the Otter. She is Rocket Raccoon’s soulmate who went through similar experimentation to give her greater intelligence. Lylla potentially could be seen in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 as Rocket’s origins are expected to be explored. Lady Gaga‘s casting would mostly be a unique opportunity for her and Bradley Cooper to play a couple in a very different way than A Star Is Born. Since Lylla has a similarly heartbreaking origin, the chance to breathe life into an MCU character who was created by others to fit their needs could appeal to the global pop star.
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