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The Star Wars universe isn’t short of minor characters who could earn a Disney+ series of their own like The Book of Boba Fett.
While it has some serious work to do to catch up to the success of The Mandalorian, The Book of Boba Fett is shaping up to be quite a stellar follow-up to the iconic Disney+ series. In the opening episodes, mysteries concerning the events after Return of the Jedi have been uncovered, as well as introducing Kurosawa-esque adventure for the new Daimyo of Mos Espa.
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Considering how Boba Fett started his life in the sage as little more than a minor background character, it’s remarkable to see him with such a devote fan following, let alone his own series. But since the Star Wars franchise has only grown over the decades, it’s enough to wonder just who might be the next supporting character up for the solo series treatment.
The Wookie has only appeared in live action only briefly thus far, yet fans are already wanting more of the mysterious former gladiator. Black Krrsantan, also known as “BK,” is a seasoned bounty hunter with more than a stacked reputation among the scum and villainy who have hired him in the past. Seeing as Chewbacca has held the reigns as the most recognizable walking carpet for decades, it might be time to give someone else a turn.
He might look like just the Twins’ bodyguard, but Black Krrsantan has an impressive resume that would make many in his career do a double-take. Having worked for both Darth Vader and  Jabba the Hutt, including a mission to find Obi-Wan Kenobi, the guy has got to have some war stories.
Like Boba Fett before her, the Armorer from The Mandalorian is a mysterious supporting character with very little screen time, yet she evokes a mysterious aura that only makes fans want more. No doubt they would want to know about the tribe of zealots for whom she crafts armor and weapons, as well as who she is and how she learned the ways of Beskar steel.
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There’s already some Game of Thrones vibes to her design and presence, so it might be a good idea to give her a medieval-inspired epic to back that up. If The Mandalorian can be a space Western, her series could be a medieval drama.
While it might be a bit unrealistic for Temuera Morrison to do yet another Star Wars series so soon, it would be nice to see Commander Cody return for a series after the events of the original trilogy. It might take some wizardry from Disney’s writers, but the foundation is certainly there.
The reality of the matter might just be wishful thinking, but it would still be interesting to see a live-action series that isn’t about a Mandalorian or a Jedi. The galaxy is bigger than that, after all.
If there’s one being who is the living definition of the term “fan-favorite Star Wars character,” it’s Darth Maul. While he did have a larger role in some of the Star Wars spinoffs, there are few Star Wars fans who wouldn’t watch a full live-action series dedicated to the shadowy apprentice from The Phantom Menace.
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The series could focus on his origin story, what happened between trilogies, or something original altogether, but it should avoid Maul’s cringe-worthy spider legs. Whatever happens, fans will no doubt be glued to their screens for more Maul. Perhaps it could even crossover with the upcoming Kenobi series.
It sounds strange, but if Star Wars can do a comedy series, one about the Max Rebo Band would definitely be a great place to start. While Fig’rin D’an and the Module Nodes might be the better-known band on the planet of Tattooine, a Behind the Music-style series featuring the band from Jabba’s Palace would be an absolute delight.
The potential is there, but only if the directors on the Star Wars side of Disney+ don’t take things too seriously. A comedy series from the galaxy far, far away might prove quite refreshing.
The late Peter Cushing might not be able to continue the role of Grand Moff Tarkin, but perhaps Guy Henry from Rogue One would be willing to reprise the role for a prequel series. A political thriller might not be the first thing most viewers think of when they log into the streaming service, but seeing as how Tarkin was the mastermind aboard the Death Star and could even pull back Vader’s leash, he’s definitely worthy of his own series.
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Seeing a younger Tarkin command his legion of troopers and even having some one-on-ones with Darth Vader would get more than a few fans’ attentions. After all, sometimes the villains are the most interesting characters.
As anyone who has seen the relationship between a pilot and his droid will know, there is definitely a wealth of material to be mined from characters like Poe Dameron and his spherical friend, BB-8. Since they didn’t just magically appear on Jakku out of thin air, they had to come from some series of adventures with the resistance.
This could be the Star Wars answer to the buddy-cop genre of series seen across TV and other streaming platforms. If BB-8’s interactions with the rest of the cast are any indicator, a series with these two in the leads would be an action-comedy worth talking about.
Like Tarkin, a Dooku series would definitely need to be a prequel. But of all the lightsaber-wielding characters, Dooku is probably the most deserving, especially given his status as a former Jedi Knight and free-thinking ways. After all, it was Dooku who learned the truth about the corruption in the Senate, and Obi-Wan didn’t believe him.
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Watching Dooku under Master Yoda’s training or even mentoring a young Qui-Gon Jinn would be an interesting way to reintroduce his character. Even watching him question and explore both sides of the Force would be some rich developmental storytelling for him.
In no uncertain terms, Phasma is to the Disney trilogy as Boba Fett is to the original. She has minimal screen time and minimal dialogue, yet she’s still one of the coolest and most intimidating characters in the galaxy. Despite where they stand on Disney’s additions to the lore, most fans can agree that Phasma was underused.
A Phasma series could be one of the most intense and violent action shows Disney has ever released, especially if it draws any inspiration from the Delilah S. Dawson origin story. Either way, fans can hope that Gwendoline Christie reprises her role.
While his time on the big screen might be over, fans still have questions about the rise and fall of Kylo Ren. Everything from his seduction to the Dark Side to his time with the Knights of Ren could all effortlessly be uncovered with the right script, especially if Fioni or Favreau have anything to do with it.
The Ren presented in the movies was an annoyance to some but a genuine threat and interesting antithesis of Rey to true fans, and a character that deserved to be studied. Disney should definitely bring him back for a second chance with the fan base.
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